Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS):

Wiley Engineering is an expert in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and the use of these techniques to improve traffic flow along a facility without the need for construction of additional lanes and or capacity improvements.  Wiley Engineering is a leader in the planning, design, and implementation of ITS for use in real time traffic control management through the use of communication and information technologies. Wiley Engineering has been involved in the design or rehabilitation of numerous systems in major facilities throughout the northeast.

Traffic Signal Systems:

Wiley’s traffic expertise combined with our intimate knowledge of all kinds of traffic control and monitoring devices in the marketplace will allow us to design the most efficient and economical traffic control and management systems. Wiley strives to design systems with “open architecture” which will allow various types of traffic signal and control equipment to work together.  Our staff has a complete understanding of the County, State and Federal standards that apply to highway Traffic Signal systems including: The MUTCD, ASSHTO, and the Highway Capacity Manual.

Transportation Planning and Studies:

Wiley’s extensive experience in Traffic and Transportation Engineering is the foundation for any study we develop.  Solutions to transportation problems such as congestion, delay, parking, pollution, and safety can only be improved after they are completely understood.  Such understanding comes from factual information gathered in an unbiased, objective manner and analyzed to present a clear, concise picture of the nature of the problem and the impact it is having on the transportation system.

HELP (Highway Emergency Local Patrol) Management:

Wiley provides dispatching and inspection of the HELP program vehicle drivers patrolling the parkways and expressways on Long Island.